Sheet Music and Lyrics

Photocopy, retype or scan music or lyrics from original hardcopy sheet music (including publications which are made available digitally from a licensed source and subsequently printed in accordance with the licence terms)

In a lesson:

The Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML) permits the copying of entire works from UK printed music publications or 10% of anthology. The original copied from can be owned by the school, or any teacher or music hub/service engaged in school activities. The Licence is available exclusively from the Copyright Licensing Agency, which acts as sole agents for Printed Music Licensing Limited (PMLL), which is owned by the Music Publishers Association (MPA).

The licence is available to all state-maintained and independent schools in the UK.

It covers:

  • The photocopying of printed music publications. Copies can also be made using score-writing software programs and notation by hand
  • Arrangement of musical works
  • The placing of copies on a VLE
  • Individual or group tuition where that supports a student’s curricular studies

It DOES NOT cover:

  • More than 10% of the items (pieces of music or songs) included in anthology or large vocal score (e.g. one out of 10 songs, rather than 10 pages from a 100 page anthology)
  • Any works specifically excluded by the publisher – a list of exclusions is available on the CLA/SPML website page.
  • Copying of music for collective worship. Licences for this purpose can be obtained from the Christian Copyright Licensing International
  • Private music lessons extra to a student’s curricular studies

Please remember that the licence requires you to include a small credit on all copies.

In assemblies:

The Collective Worship licences provided by Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) permit you to reproduce song lyrics or copy sheet music for use during assemblies and times of collective worship.

The CCLI Collective Worship Copyright Licence

  • Covers you to project song lyrics from a computer onto a screen, or reproduce them in song/service sheets
  • Covers a vast repertoire of the hymns, worship and assembly songs popular in assemblies
  • Permits you to make custom arrangements for instruments where no published version exists
  • Does not cover the reproduction of songs in lessons

The CCLI Collective Worship Music Reproduction Licence

Available as an add-on to the Collective Worship Copyright Licence, this licence provides the additional cover to make copies of sheet music files:

  • Photocopy or scan pages from song books and music publications
  • Circulate or duplicate digital sheet music files, for example, by emailing them as PDFs

Please remember that you must report your use of any songs in your assemblies covered by these licences. Visit

Schools Printed Music Licence

Collective Worship Copyright Licences