TV & Radio

The Educational Recording Agency Licence (ERA)

In a lesson

The ERA Licence allows:

  • Educational use of programmes or clips from recordings originally made from television or radio broadcasts
  • The licence also underpins third party provision by platforms such as Planet eStream, ClickView and BoB for Schools

Please note that showing live broadcasts to students in a lesson will not require an ERA Licence but your school may require a TV licence. If you are unsure whether what you want to do is covered by your school’s ERA Licence, or to check whether your school is currently licensed please check the ERA Licence website or email

The ERA website includes a wide range of valuable TV & radio resources to assist teachers in utilising broadcast media in the classroom. These include a search tool to find broadcast resources from our Members’ online output, Subject Playlists, curriculum connections and suggested activities.

For extra-curricular use

Permission for playing music from radio is granted under the PPL and PRS licences
Please refer to the ‘Music’ section of the website.