Student Radio

Advice for student radio services

In addition to the webcaster licence from PPL, if your radio station is only accessible online, you will also require a Limited Online Music Licence (LOML – Pure Webcasting Service) from PRS for Music.

The Long Term Radio Licence (Long Term RSL) is required from PRS for Music for student/school radio services broadcasting within their schools via hard-wired or intranet transmissions. To qualify, an application must be submitted to OFCOM.

PRS for Music offer a separate Short Term Radio Licence (Short Term RSL) for student radio services that wish to operate an AM/FM transmission. This licence is restricted to 28 consecutive days. Also like the Long Term Radio Licence, application must be granted by OFCOM.

The short term Radio Licence and the Long Term Radio Licence is a joint PRS and MCPS licence. It allows OFCOM-licensed restricted service stations the right to broadcast PRS-controlled repertoire and record MCPS-administered repertoire. However, a number of restrictions apply, including music used in advertising or station idents. Please consult the full terms and conditions found on the PRS for Music website for more information on restrictions and exclusions.

You will also require a PPS (Public Performance Sales ) licence from PRS for Music if you are playing music on your premises. A radio licence does not give you permission to play music or your own broadcast in your offices or studio. Likewise, if you are broadcasting a short term RSL for an event, the venue or event organiser must have a PPS licence to broadcast your RSL. For more information on this, you should first contact 0800 068 4828.