Play or Perform Music

Licences for playing or performing music in schools.

In a lesson:

No licence is currently required to play or perform music as part of a lesson.

For Extra-curricular use:

Permission to play or perform music is granted under the PRS and PPL Licences

Should you wish to use music (CDs, records, MP3 files etc) in schools outside of the curriculum (for example discos/end of term parties, school fetes, telephone music on hold, dance/aerobics classes, background music in offices or dining areas) you are very likely to require a licence from PPL and PRS for Music. Both licences are available from CEFM

Third parties (e.g. people hiring the school premises) playing music may require separate licences from PRS for Music and PPL, please contact CEFM for details
CEFM (Centre for Education & Finance Management) tel: 01494 459183

If, in the unlikely event that all the music you play or perform (outside of the curriculum) at your school is either not in copyright or not controlled by PRS for Music and PPL, you will not require their licences.

‘Grand rights’, e.g. operas and school/cantata musicals are not or may not be controlled by PRS for music. Licences can be obtained directly from the publisher. Further details are available in the PRS tariff document; please see CEFM . For further information regarding the identification of the publisher please visit The Music Publishers Association .

Film soundtracks embody the ‘original musical works’; the right to perform or play these works must be separately licensed by the copyright owner, usually PRS for Music.