Copy Audio Recordings of Music

Copying audio recordings of music to play or to perform.

In a lesson and extra-curricular:

The terms of purchase of the resource may already include the required licences. PRS for Music and PPL offer a joint Limited Manufacture (“LM”) licence granting the permission required for the repertoire they represent. Details can be found here.

PRS for Music and PPL represent the creators of the vast majority of commercially available music that you are most likely to use in your school. However, where the music or recording is out of copyright, you will not require certain permissions to make copies of the work concerned. If the music or recording is in copyright but is not controlled by PRS for Music or PPL you may require permission directly from the rights owners.

Copying music to transmit to others (e.g. school intranet)

You will need to obtain permission from the publisher if you wish to transmit images of printed music or to transmit your own recorded performance, and/or record company if you wish to transmit a copy of a commercial recording (PRS for Music and PPL may be able to advise you of who to contact) in order to make the copy for such purpose.

You may require additional licences to transmit these files from PRS for Music and PPL, please contact them for further advice.