TV & Radio and Film

Making copies of TV & Radio programmes or digital video files e.g. MP4, Mpeg etc

TV & Radio

Applicable for educational use only
The ERA Licence allows you to record and use clips from TV & Radio programmes. This includes embedding clips into resources you make using presentation software, such as Powerpoint or your interactive whiteboard. Where possible, credit should be given to the original broadcaster. Clips may only be obtained under the terms of the ERA Licence and the clips cannot be edited or adapted in any way that changes them from the original form. Clips and programmes may also be uploaded and shared on a third party exchange platform underpinned by the ERA Licence.

The ERA website hosts a streaming service providing curated clips from the BBC Archive. This is searchable by subject and study level.
Please see the ERA Resources Search Tool

ERA Licence


No licence is required for use of film in the course of instruction.
Extra-curricular use of film e.g. for a film club will require a licence and you should check the ‘Film section’ of this website for more details. This also applies to film available for download from the internet.
Pre-recorded films on home entertainment formats (DVD / BluRay / digital file, AVI, MPEG / Flash / RM / MP4 etc), whether rented or purchased or downloaded from the internet, are intended for home use only, as per the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Showing films anywhere outside of a domestic, home environment are all considered ‘public performances’ and require a licence from the copyright owner.

You can’t legally make a copy of a pre-recorded DVD or Video or a film downloaded from the internet. Therefore, for concurrent use, schools would need to purchase/hire a number of copies of a film.
Film soundtracks embody the ‘original musical works’; the right perform or play, copy or transmit these works must be separately licensed by the copyright owner. Please refer to the ‘Music’ section of the website.

You are not permitted to edit or adapt any part of a film. Film clips require a special licence provided by the studios individually; the clips department in the various studios may be able to help you further.