Digital Books

Copying or re-typing text and/or images from a born digital resource such as an eBook.

In a lesson:

Permission is granted under the CLA Licence

The easiest way to make a ‘born digital’ copy is to use CLA’s Education Platform. This is free to licensed schools, and helps you to unlock digital files of books your school owns, and to make electronic copies of extracts to share with students.

Alternatively, you can copy from e-books your school owns or subscribes to. You can copy or display:
• one complete chapter from an e-book
• one short story or poem not exceeding 10 pages in length from an anthology
• or 5% of the publication if greater than above

Just make sure the material is covered by the CLA Licence by using the Check Permissions tool.

If you want to copy outside of these terms, and your intended copying is not covered by a copyright exception, you will need to contact the publisher directly to ask permission to do so.

For extra-curricular use

The CLA Licence covers teachers at the school to copy extracts from e-books that the school owns or subscribes to and to share these with other teachers, pupils and their parents, other school staff and governors.

If you want to copy for a public facing audience, or anyone outside your school, then you will need to get permission from the publisher/rightsholder.

For more information see CLA website