Online Newspapers

Copying or re-typing text and/or images from an online magazine, journal or website

In a lesson:

Permission is granted by: NLA Media Access

NLA Media Access has appointed CLA as its exclusive agent for all UK education licensing. You can use CLA’s Check Permissions tool to see if the web content you are planning to use is covered by the NLA Licence. If so, you can use the content according to the standard terms of your NLA Licence, saving you the job of finding out the details of each different website’s copyright policy.

School staff can make, or authorise the making of, copies of newspaper cuttings for distribution to pupils, parents, staff members and school governors. If you want to copy for a public facing audience, or anyone outside your school, then you will need to get permission from the publisher/rightsholder.

For extra-curricular use:

The rights granted in the NLA Media Access Schools Licence are cover the copying and circulation of cuttings for educational purposes taking place within the school premises.

NLA Media Access